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About Levari

Levari is a full-service law firm undertaking personal or business legal matters. Levari is committed to excellence in all aspects of their service and they seek to provide the best, most economic and innovative legal solutions to their clients. Levari has offices in Amman, Cairo, Dubai, London, and Washington DC. Exceeding their client’s expectations is their ethos, with a drive to ensure that their clients always receive consistent quality advice in the most efficient and cost-effective way. They understand that national borders frequently apply to legal systems, but not to client’s businesses. They have the ability to undertake cross-border transactions and advise across different jurisdictions. 

Levari has its own powerful international network of lawyers with offices in more than 50 countries, which enables them to offer an integrated service across the world, covering Banking & Finance, Commercial, Corporate and M&A, Corporate Structuring & Offshoring, Dispute Resolution; Arbitration & Litigation, Employment, Intellectual Property, IT & Telecoms, Real Estate, Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy.

About Mr. Hisham Kassim

A seasoned corporate lawyer with over ten years of work experience in the Middle East, Mr. Hisham Kassim represents a wide range of international and MENA-based clients, including some of the leading venture capital and private equity firms in the Middle East. To date, Hisham has successfully closed over 100 M&A and corporate transactions representing numerous funds and corporations throughout the MENA region, the U.S., the U.K., and Europe. Several of these deals include multi-million dollar Series A and B transactions. Hisham is fluent in Arabic and English and is a published scholar in major U.S. law reviews.

Revolutionizing Practice Management for International Law Firms

Having been an avid App4Legal user for years, Senior Partner at Levari, Mr. Hisham Kassim, knows the true impact of the agile tech that App4Legal has to offer, when implemented effectively. When Levari was founded, Mr. Kassim was keen on using App4Legal Practice Management Solution from the get-go, to facilitate the daily work and operations, and to empower all the different departments at Levari including Legal, HR, Marketing, and Finance teams across offices in Amman, Cairo, Dubai, London, and Washington DC.

Levari implemented the entire App4Legal system and workflow, using this technology as an integral part of daily operations across all teams, including our offices around the world.

The team at Levari use App4Legal to manage clients in different parts of the world, to keep track of all litigation cases and legal deadlines, and to securely store and archive all legal data from contacts, to documents, case information, and more.

I have been using App4Legal for years in my own practice, and continue to recommend it as the best solution out there for law firms and legal teams in any industry.

Features that Drive Success at Levari

Optimized Collaboration across Borders and Jurisdictions

Seamless collaboration across the different departments at Levari is crucial. A huge aspect of Levari’s legal practice involves synchronicity and harmony between collaborators. The Client Portal allows the teams at Levari to collaborate and interact with their international clients, seamlessly. This tool allows their clients to raise requests and follow up directly through the portal without having to call or email. 

App4Legal also drives more compliance and collaboration across all the different departments. The team often has to collaborate on issues or tasks internally across different offices, time zones, jurisdictions, and more. App4Legal ensures that all members have access to the latest data on one unified platform, with adjustable roles and permissions for different users.

App4Legal drives effortless and effective collaboration between teams and clients, and maintains harmony and synchronicity to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, on a global scale.

The Ease & Convenience of a Centralized System

When it comes to centralizing and managing systems, App4Legal covers everything from Approval Centers and Smart Dashboards, to Time Tracking, Metrics, Billing, and more. The team at Levari utilizes the searchable centralized repository, to store all data and documents, sync calendars, and more, securely.

One specific aspect of App4Legal that the team at Levari finds extremely useful, is Centralized Client Management. App4legal keeps track of all the connections between Levari and each of its international clients across different regions and jurisdictions. All teams at Levari refer to the client data in the App4Legal CRM to get all and any of the information they might need.

I’m impressed with the robust capabilities and potential of the App4Legal system. Having a centralized system to manage all our clients in different regions of the world is crucial.

Unparalleled Support from the App4Legal Team

Mr. Hisham Kassim has worked closely with the Training, Support, Development, and Customer Success teams at App4Legal. He enjoys the prompt responses, and appreciates the time and effort spent on ensuring that every member of the Levari Team, globally, has all the information and training they need to effectively use the App4Legal software.

As an avid App4Legal user, and the main contact between Levari and the App4Legal Team. I must say that the team at App4Legal has always been extremely helpful and generous with their time. We’re grateful for all their help and thoughtful training.