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The App4Legal Webex Integration – Collaborate on Contracts Securely

As the legal practice innovates further to adopt digital technologies, the digital technologies that serve the legal market are innovating alongside legal practitioners. App4Legal, the leader in Legal Practice Management, Contract Management Lifecycle technology, and Document Automation has developed and released their highly functional Webex Integration.  Edit & Collaborate on Contracts, Securely, during Webex Meetings!  […]

Your Guide To The Best Legal Document Management Software in 2022

Law firms handle a massive number of legal documents and files every day. Document storage and its quick retrieval are among the top challenges of legal document management systems. Legal Document Management Software reduces the hassle and boosts productivity by storing the documents with the right metadata. The firm files are properly indexed, numbered, versioned, […]

The New App4Legal Documentation Center

App4Legal has recently launched a robust and comprehensive documentation center for its customers and partners. The centralized base covers everything an App4Legal user may need, as well as useful instructions about the different products, modules, and features.  The App4Legal Documentation Center includes in-app video walk-throughs, functionalities, FAQs, tools to get started, and detailed instructions for […]

How to Find the Best Legal Calendaring Software for your Law Practice

Docketing is one of the most important aspects of any law firm or legal practice. Using a Legal Calendaring Software syncs, tracks, and centralizes all your litigation cases, legal deadlines, obligations, and meetings – in one place. In addition to automated notifications and other useful functions. That said, such systems are usually embedded as part […]

Your Guide to Choosing the Ultimate Law Firm Client Management Software (CRM)

What is Law Firm Client Management Software (CRM) Law firm client management systems play a pivotal role in producing quality information that anyone in the law firm can refer to when they need to track client activities, open cases, invoices, files, etc. A Law Firm Client Management Software is a system that keeps track of […]

Time billing software for law firms
Automation is the future of Legal Document Drafting

As technology and client expectations evolve, so too does the Legal Industry. Traditionally, lawyers and legal professionals would spend countless hours researching and drafting contracts or other legal documents. That said, many contracts are extremely similar, with just a few variations. Nowadays, legal professionals can find a wide range of solutions that automate, streamline, and […]

The Best Law Firm Software in UAE | A Quick Guide

In recent years, the world has become even more digital. Every industry has embraced new technology to aid remote working, efficiency, and better client care during these times. The Legal Industry is no exception. In the MENA region, UAE is at the forefront. According to the Global Innovation Index, UAE is the number one environment […]

Transform your Law Practice: Law Firms Management in the Digital Age

Transform your Law Practice: Law Firms Management in the Digital Age With the start of the new year, this month is a month full of opportunities to assess and evaluate your legal practice from the previous year, in so far as productivity of your business and your team’s effectiveness. This blog will help drive your […]

Why must law firms use a Legal Billing System?

Law Firm Billing: Challenges and Best Practices for Easier, More Efficient Legal Billing Legal Billing is crucial to law firms of all sizes. And no doubt that law firm billing, including billing clients and chasing down payments, is one of the most repetitive and time-consuming parts of any legal practitioner’s day. Most legal practitioners record […]

Top 5 Strategies for Law Firm Development in 2022

There is an interesting transformation in the business development of the legal industry. This change is based on the wide, direct access that many clients have to lawyers globally. The current trends highlight that clients have made absolute changes to how they connect with legal service providers. This has led legal professionals to adopt new […]