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Task Management

Legal task management software is your way to organize, manage, and collaborate on legal tasks at your law firm or in-house legal team. It helps you to estimate and schedule tasks, so you can make decisions when changes in priorities are necessary.

Legal Task Management Solutions

A proven, customizable legal task management solution for tracking tasks, managing legal matters, containing costs, improving client-lawyer communication, and achieving desired outcomes. App4Legal task management system makes it easy for you to get more done—individually and as a team.

A Robust Legal Task Management Software for Legal Firms

One place to manage your entire firm’s tasks, reminders, and document workflows. It’s your way to save time, reduce errors, and streamline your business.

Optimize workflow

App4Legal task management software provides a flexible and powerful platform to optimize your team’s workflows. Prioritize your workload using customizable task attributes like priority, status, and category.

Boost team collaboration

The ultimate legal management system to collaborate on legal tasks from one central location, while keeping team members in the loop with email notifications as tasks are updated.

Personalized task management

We tailored App4Legal’s task management module to fit your firm’s workflow. Manage every detail of every case in one place while having deep insights into what makes your firm productive and profitable.

Real-time Access

Share your work in real-time. Access tasks, calendars, files, and cases from any device to help your team make the best decisions, quickly.

Manage your Task Boards

App4Legal task management features facilitate the daily management of to-do and tasks for all user profiles in law-firms an in-house legal teams.

Stay on top of everything that needs to be done with Tasks & Workflows

Manage processes across your entire firm with progress and productivity reports. See upcoming, overdue, and completed tasks on a per user basis. Filter by task category, client, matter, or date.