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Teams Connect

Access  and collaborate on top of your legal matters without leaving Microsoft Teams. Check the status of your matter, scan recent communications, and plan for upcoming events directly from the appropriate team or channel in Microsoft Teams.

Teams Connect Key benefits

Everything you need in one place

A single and secured location that brings App4Legal records in Teams Channels to facilitate everything the team needs including chat, calls, meetings, files, and tools.

Work seamlessly

Convert Matters/Contracts/Hearings to Channels inside Teams with all related Stakeholders automatically. Move internal discussions to Teams for easy collaboration.

Invite external collaborators

Microsoft Teams support adding external users outside of the organization as guests, You must check whether this feature is enabled or not from the Microsoft Teams admin centre.

Top FAQs and How-to Questions

Only a user that has administrator permissions in both App4Legal and Microsoft Teams can set up the Team Creator integration. Anyone with permission to view a matter can create a new team when creating a matter. 

In Microsoft Teams, press the Apps button in the left column, then search for App4Legal. Press on the app then Add button on the opened App4Legal setup window.

Once App4Legal Add-On opened, a “Sign in with Microsoft and App4Legal ” will appear in the middle of the page. Click it to start the authentication process with Microsoft and App4Legal servers. 

Anyone with permission to view a matter can access a Team from that matter.

Sign in to the Microsoft Teams admin center, select Org-wide settings > Guest access, and set Allow guest access in Microsoft Teams to On.

The Administrator of the Microsoft account who originally set up the integration will own the new teams regardless of who creates them in App4Legal.

Our pricing will be 2$/user/month