Technical Account Manager

Each Legal Team is unique, so we offer a Technical Assistance at all levels.

The Technical Account Manager TAM is an experienced solution advisor from App4Legal who partners with you to help you getting

the max-out of your App4Legal solution.

Best-in-class benefits 

Remote Implementation

TAMs provide the technical expertise and best practices to help you quickly and effectively implement, migrate and configure App4Legal anytime, anywhere.

tam service

Remote live Training

No matter where your team is working from. A TAM will make it easy to empower your team with the needed knowledge and ensure they know everything about the App4Legal modules they’re working on.

Hotline Phone Number

You have an urgency? You are covered with a TAM. Dedicated technical experts ready to help your users to resolve your challenges.

On-site Assistance

You still need on-site assistance, ask for a customizable package.