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Like it or not, technology is the key driving force of our economies today. At the heart of every single industry- be it big or small- you will see some sort of technological implementation. Are we surprised? Not really. The power of technology is construed in a way which even the average person would view as revolutionary. If this is the case, then why is Legal Technology, more specifically App4Legal, such a big deal?

Here is why:

  • In the past, the legal industry has been skeptical of technological advances within its scope. However, as this is clearly not the case anymore, the market is full of opportunities to explore, create and share simple solutions to complicated problems

  • The current pandemic has been a harsh reminder to those overlooking the potential of digitization. Can’t pop into the office? Then let’s bring the office to us with App4Legal!

  • App4Legal saves time and maximizes profits for the legal practitioner. Our clients love this, which is why they trust us. It’s as simple as that.

At App4Legal we believe that in this unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the industry, we are better together. This is why we have initiated the App4Legal Partner Program, building valuable and reliable global networks and relationships, enabling the right people to have access to the right resources to get the job done.

The App4Legal Partner Program 

The App4Legal Partner Program is designed to mobilize an ecosystem of likeminded individuals who have a passion for technology, while bringing change to the archaic practices of the legal industry. Our partners are driven by the continuous growth, success and evolution of App4Legal. They believe in the solutions we provide, and the values we stand by; to practice with innovation every step of the way.

What does a Partner do?

Our Partners are part of the App4Legal family, which is why we look for three things: trust, reliability and passion. They have faith in the way App4Legal helps legal practitioners, firms and departments develop from the ground up, and want to do the same. This is done by generating leads and referrals, driving revenue and selling/marketing App4Legal products to various prospects across the world.

How does the Partner benefit from the program?

This is not just an opportunity to grow as an individual, but rather as a global and diverse professional. Not only are you automatically part of a leading multinational Legal Tech company, you are also building your own network of meaningful relationships across the world, with clients who trust you to provide the best possible solutions to them. Above all, as a Partner you are expanding and driving your business while generating constant profits.

Additional incentives and benefits:

  • Financial discounts
  • Sales and technical support
  • Opportunity to be recognized and certified as an ‘App4Legal Partner’
  • Access to the Partner Portal with valuable resources to allow you to preform to the best of your abilities
  • A dedicated Channel Manager to help grow your business.

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