Just like their legal practitioner peers, paralegals also have been witnesses to embrace technology to take productivity and work efficiency to the next level. The days of sifting through piles of case references, books, and papers are long gone even for a paralegal professional. Documents, cases, and books are all stored in the cloud and made available in a jiffy. While many traditionalists in the field still argue on the need for technology for paralegals and opine a notion of technology taking away jobs of paralegals, it has already been established globally that technology is here only to make lives and work easier and more efficient for them. Even as we speak, legal departments are increasingly increasing investment into technology to elevate their services and proficiency levels. 

Let us first look at who are paralegals or paralegal professionals. Paralegals are professionals who are trained in secondary legal matters but are not fully equipped as lawyers. They are employed by lawyers, legal firms, corporate or government offices, etc. and help the legal professionals or attorneys in specifically delegated tasks like preparing case files, gathering intel, researching relevant case data, etc. In simpler words, paralegals are to lawyers what nurses are to doctors. They are the right hand men for lawyers, do the groundwork, and support the attorneys fight their cases in the foreground.

Need for paralegal software technology

Even as we write about paralegals and the need to have access to world-class technology today, there might be some who doubt the cause. Let us take a deep dive into understanding why it is so important to equip our paralegals with befitting software technology now more than ever.

  • Going paperless: Digitization has hit the global work culture and our fellow paralegals should not hail back. Offices and systems have already pledged to be paperless, not just keeping the ecological aspect in mind but also upon realizing how going paperless can declutter complexities in work processes. 
  • Centralized storage and documentation: Legal technology software guarantees a more sophisticated way of storing data and documents on a single platform as well as making the data available to be accessed via cloud storage.
  • Easy access to data and references: Due to a digital presence, accessing, monitoring, updating, and team collaboration has become a lot easier for paralegals as it has for lawyers or attorneys. 
  • Save on time and money: With legal technology software, paralegals are no longer needed to rush to print or go through tons of books to find case references to prepare the matter. This saves both time and money for lawyers and firms.
  • Technology knowledge offers better job prospects to paralegals: Studies and surveys have revealed that a higher number of paralegals today are specializing in eDiscovery to stay abreast in the fast-evolving and highly competitive landscape.
  • Enhanced legal research made possible: Legal research can be as draining and tedious as one can ever imagine. A well-equipped paralegal can perform a far better job in terms of legal research, shepardizing case laws, and data tracking via an array of legal databases. 
  • Work on the go: Legal technology software makes the concept of working from anywhere anytime possible in real. Especially today, when the whole world is embracing a work from home culture, thanks to the pandemic, it has become all the more necessary to arm our paralegal forces with technology tools.

You may read this informative piece from Forbes Magazine to get a wider picture of how technology is changing the dynamics of legal service delivery and gauge for ourselves how lawyers and paralegals can benefit from legal technology software.

Choosing the best legal software for paralegals

When it comes to choosing a befitting legal technology solution for paralegals, you should always go for the best, cause why not! App4Legal presents to you a state-of-the-art legal technology solution with a holistic approach to arm your paralegal squad with the best tools and features. It helps your team of paralegals stay ahead in the curve and in turn assures a higher ROI for your legal business.

Let us take a sneak peek into what App4Legal has to offer to paralegals:

  • Time saver: App4Legal automates mundane processes to help paralegals save on time to a large extent. This also improves productivity and efficiency at work.
  • Enhanced task management: App4Legal task management tool helps paralegals to not only keep a track of the daily deliverables but also prioritizes tasks and helps them focus on their productivity.
  • Better document management: Document Management System is another hot feature for the paralegals where all legal documents can be mapped and stored against Companies/Contacts/Matter and those can be accessed with just one click instead of walking to the file to search for the file.
  • Calendar and time tracking: App4Legal software acts as a digital time-keeper and tracks times, integrates calendars with emails and appointment features, and helps in setting automated reminders for dates and deadlines. 
  • GDPR compliance assurance: With the soaring concerns regarding data compliance issues all over the world, GDPR has been restrengthened in the past couple of years. Being GDPR compliant is obligatory today for any organization dealing with consumer data, and the legal industry is no exception. App4Legal software helps paralegals in keeping the firms GPDR compliant.
  • Enhanced data security: The increased buzz around data security, especially after repeated leaks by top-notch corporates, has created a rising concern for data security. For legal organizations, it is of paramount importance that the client and case data is safe and secure in the cloud storage that is offered to them. App4Legal adds an extra layer of data security to its cloud storage and ensures the data is safe.
  • Enabling working on the go: Storing and centralizing data on a single platform on App4Legal application and easy access to data, documents, and other relevant matters enable paralegals to work from anywhere anytime.
  • Turnkey solution for empower paralegals: The App4Legal software technology offers a turnkey solution for all legal and paralegal activities. From storing and orchestrating data to litigations, contracts, case hearing management, accessing and editing matters, case matter preparation, etc., everything can be done under the same umbrella. 
  • Easy to use even without any technical background: Most paralegals lack a deep knowledge of technology and often vacillate to use tech solutions. But the user-friendly design of App4Legal software and the self-explanatory features enable every paralegal professional, however ignorant of technology he/she might be, to use the software effortlessly.

“Easy and user-friendly software that offers an all-round solution for every legal and paralegal nitty-gritty.” – App4Legal user.

“Documentation, tasks scheduler, reminders, and so many pros in a single software.” – App4Legal user.

If you’re a legal firm (whatever may the size of the organization be) and care about increasing the productivity and efficiency of your paralegal staff, it is high time you enable them with App4Legal software and hand them a key to a better and more sophisticated way of working. To start using App4Legal today visit us at www.app4legal.com and have a gala time witnessing soaring productivity of your organization.

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