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The Task Management Software that can soon become your second nature and an inevitable necessity for work – App4legal. There is no need to be technical for using the software. Anybody who has a basic knowledge of operating a computer can get familiar with the software.

“It is easy to learn, to use, to benefit from, and implement on a daily basis for all team members. Its efficiency – improved my workflow and helped me be in a position to better manage a variety of ongoing tasks and matters and thus be in a strong position to serve my clients as well as show my management my efforts and workloads.”- App4Legal user

 “Legal data are stored and found easily by users. The calendar system, reminders, and compatibility with outlook make workers’ daily activities very easy. The drag and drop and repository creation make important documents organized. Easy to handle from a user and administrator point of view, application on the server never failed even in a difficult environment (daily shutting down and powering up the server). Took me more than 3 weeks to compare and test multiple application before going to app4legal and not regretting my choice since.” – App4Legal user

App4legal is an all-in-one solution that transforms the way legal teams run their activities. It makes it easy to centralize all legal practices and manage projects related to clients, and cases in a flexible way.

A multi-dimensional solution designed to handle the lawyers’ tedious work and covers all needs in terms of law practice. A single workspace that combines all the key features to secure the growth of the legal function; data consolidation, money transactions, adaptable setup, and functional modules.

Key benefits of App4Legal app:

Improve Visibility 
App4Legal is equipped with modular reporting tools that provide a 360-degree view of the legal activity.

Drive Collaboration 
 Have your collaborative workspace that establishes a network where all the information is available to everyone regardless of the absence of any contributor.

Enhance Accessibility 
 Legal practitioners can work from anywhere at any time and keep their data reachable resulting in the ability to provide accurate and timely responses.

Scale Business Efficiency 
 App4Legal puts your business workflows in action. It supports better alignment across the legal team, improving their capacity, effectiveness, and ensures better allocation of resources to fit with the business strategy.

Improve performance metrics and maximize your productivity through one centralized legal system.

Thousands of lawyers from all over the world love and use App4Legal because the system lets them focus on solving their cases without worrying about the time-consuming workload. App4Legal presents users with a very smart and friendly user interface and a system that has a fast learning curve, enabling them to fully maximize the software almost immediately and feel the results almost instantly.

Sign Up for a free demo to learn more. See and try for yourself to believe.

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