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Time Tracking

The Ultimate Legal Time Tracking Software for law firms and in-house legal teams

An efficient and reliable solution that enables to track your time manually by adding your time-logs, or automatically by enabling the Timer embedded inside App4Legal. Law-firms will be able to bill time and generate invoices. In-house will be able to measure the efforts allocation and team performance.

What makes App4Legal a robust legal billing and time tracking software

Get clarity on where your time and money are going

Categorize your time logs; link them to matters, cases, contracts or tasks. Generate reports that show you where your effort is being spent.

Capture expenses and billable times with ease

App4Legal is designed to improve efficiency and productivity of legal teams. The legal timekeeping and billing software make it easy to track time seamlessly in matters, cases, contracts, tasks and more.

Boost performance and productivity

The Time Tracking module of App4Legal is an advanced legal time tracking software providing full capabilities to legal practitioners to track and manage their time logs.

Generate advanced reports

App4Legal helps you to generate advanced reports on top of the time logs entered by legal practitioners. Visual statistics and KPIs can be configured in Dashboards to help you control your business. Export to spreadsheets is available when it comes to collaboration with third parties. Law-firms will be able to manage the time billing reports. In-house legal teams will be able to generate performance reports.