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Even in 2020, law firms are lagging behind in the businesses readily adopting technology. For an industry that loves precedent and tradition, many just aren’t sure that technology is the right investment. What does it offer them? Simply put, what doesn’t it? Without technology, law firms will be left behind. It’s a necessity that enables them to maximize individual productivity while also driving collaboration within their team. It automates the menial tasks that prohibit lawyers from focusing on their clients. Adopting technology is an investment every firm must make eventually. Here are the top 7 reasons you should make it right now.

1) Technology enables you to stay efficient 

Utilizing technology in the workplace allows you to track your progress and increase  your efficiency in real-time. Most legal professionals don’t realize how much time they spent on a project or task, and it’s not until they begin tracking this that they’re able to maximize their productivity. Don’t be afraid to try something new by integrating technology into the office setting. You may find that something as simple as an app on your phone to monitor your to-do list or check in on your progress is what you need to keep you on track.

2) Technology helps control your business performance

Your business relies on moderating your performance. With the proper technology in place, you’ll have access to data and information you didn’t otherwise have. You’ll be able to increase your productivity, ensure better customer service, improve your flexibility, and keep an eye on the bottom line.

3) Technology allows you to drive collaboration

Seamless collaboration is essential in any workplace, but it’s even more critical at a law firm. Your colleagues’ specialized expertise may be critical in your client’s case…but what do you do if they’re out sick? Or in a meeting? How do you access their documents, information, or data? Having technology in these instances to drive collaboration ensures that everyone has access to the information they need regardless of the absence of any single contributor. This is also incredibly helpful in the day and age of remote work. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, your team may not be in the workplace. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot collaborate on a single project with the right digital network. Implementing the use of technology makes the workplace accessible no matter where
you are in the world.

4) Technology organizes and generate reports 

Having a place to draft and track your documents makes generating reports and contracts that much easier. Lawyers see dozens of documents each day, and handling paper copies of all of them can become cumbersome. App4Legal allows you to generate reports for matters, cases, hearings, tasks, and more as well as a way to update your calendar so you can receive corresponding notifications and reminders.

5) Technology helps remove manual and repetitive tasks

Law firms are full of countless manual and repetitive tasks: contracts, time entries, task coding, and research to name a few. These are assignments that most lawyers dread, and it’s because they’re tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, technology can help cut down on these tasks and make your job more efficient. Did you know that The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that 23 percent of a lawyer’s job can be automated with current technology? Say goodbye to these manual and repetitive tasks that make your job dull by integrating legal task automation.

6) Technology accelerates deliverables

Technology helps to support better alignment across your team. When your team is properly aligned, you share the same vision, which ultimately helps you achieve your goals faster. Using technology as a tool in your workplace will not only keep everyone on the same page, but it will also accelerate deliverables.

7) Technology is an investment

Law firms often hesitate to adopt technology because they aren’t sure that it’ll be worth the financial investment. Naturally, they want to know that any financial investment will ultimately help grow more revenue over time. With this said, although you may not see the growth immediately, it’s a necessary cost of doing business that will show its value in the short and mid-term.

Final thoughts
Are you ready to adopt technology at your law firm? App4Legal has all of the features your firm needs to be productive and successful. We offer a multi-dimensional solution for legal professionals who need a single workspace with all of the key features.

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