Maintaining Efficiency & Team Collaboration

Working remotely remains one of the main challenges of legal teams, especially when it comes to maintaining the same level of efficiency and productivity.
 Lawyers & Legal Practitioners are invited to adapt quickly to the current situation and to acquire additional skills when handling their daily work on top of Corporate Matters, Litigation Cases, Contracts, Advisory, Tasks, and much more.
Whether your practice is already functioning remotely or you are still struggling to find the proper tools that will help you get to work with your clients, this presentation is for you.

In this webinar you'll learn: 

  • Learn how to maintain cross-functional productivity and efficiency while remote
  • Overcome the challenges triggered by Covid-19 that inviting legal teams to adapt
  • Determine how to select the right tools to keep your legal team on track
  •  Learn how to boost collaboration between legal team and clients while remote
  •  Discover the benefits of App4Legal as a Comprehensive Practice management solution
  • How easy is it to learn App4Legal for a lawyer who is not tech-savvy?


Feras El Hajjar – Founder & CEO, App4Legal

Experienced Technology & Business Entrepreneur, with Program and Talents Management in the Agile Digital Transformation & Legal Tech with 18+ years of success in managing different Business & IT projects and implementations, promoting Information Systems strategic vision through strategy, design and architecture in a highly dynamic environment.