The thin line that sets a successful and preferred lawyer or legal firm from the others in the space is how well they are able to excel in client experience. While winning cases and suits on behalf of the clients is one of the most critical factors defining the success of a legal practitioner or firm, being able to offer a seamless customer experience is equally important. While lawyers and firms are often aware of the theoretical practices in client management or client relationship, then often lack practical know-how and practices. This is where a comprehensive legal practice management software – App4Legal has set in.

One of the pressing concerns for most legal businesses has been regarding the conversion rate of incoming customer queries. Studies and reports have time and again revealed that only a portion of incoming queries actually result in billable work for the legal practitioners and firms and the percentage of such drops is alarmingly high. What is also shocking is the amount of time that lawyers waste behind futile practices in client management and engagement.

To mitigate this gap that is keeping the legal community from achieving the optimum business, App4Legal has developed state-of-the-art software replaces all the tools needed to track legal data, increase efficiency, automate workflows, and reduce operations cost. The App4Legal Customer Portal has been designed to reduce time spills in repeated iterations and communication gaps, increase response rates, improve communication channels, and more. Below are some of the benefits that App4Legal offers to its users in terms of client management.

  •  Customer Management: Managing customers was never so easy for lawyers until they switched to App4Legal Customer Portal. Lawyers can now and manage clients over the portal, view their activity and active/inactive status on the same platform, view client details, etc. 
  • Add Information: Clients can fill up their basic details like first and last name, email, etc. through a form that is shared with them when they first log in to the portal.
  • Advanced Search: Lawyers can search for specific clients through the search option on the portal.
  • Credential Login: A credential authorization link is shared with the client by the lawyer/legal firm to enable the client to log in to the portal and use it. The clients need to furnish the credentials on the page that they are directed to upon clicking on the link. This helps to increase the reliability of the lawyers/legal firm.
  • Branded Portal: Legal firms/lawyers can customize or brand their portal interface with their logo, color schemes, and link their websites directly by self-configuration.
  • User-friendly Interface: The portal is extremely easy to use even by non-tech-savvy legal practitioners. 
  • Ticket Tracking: Raising and resolving tickets or issues is easier and transparent over the platform. Users can raise tickets, view, and access them easily on the portal.
  • Easy Collaboration:  Customers can collaborate with the lawyers seamlessly, add or share comments, information, and attachments in the comment section on the portal. 
  • Admin Control: This feature lets the lawyers (App4Legal Customer Portal users) determine the control that customers have while accessing or using the portal. 

“App4Legal offers 360-degree coverage in terms of legal technology software. The excellent Customer Portal allows us to connect with our clients and track all queries seamlessly.” – App4Legal user.

“Tracking and resolution of issues have become easier with App4Legal. This has also helped us boost our productivity manifolds.” – App4Legal user.

Automation and digitization of services and tasks have become increasingly significant today. According to a McKinsey report, 23% of tasks that lawyers perform can be automated using technology. Customer management is among the many fields that are seeing rapid digitization and automation to increase efficiency and customer experience levels.

App4Legal is dedicated to offering turnkey legal technology solutions to lawyers and keeping the wheel of innovations turning to keep adding upgrades to existing features and offerings as well as develop newer ones. We aim at improving the holistic experience of both lawyers and their clients and improving the legal processes in practice with our dexterous solutions. If you’re looking at improving client experience, look no further, visit 
App4Legal Customer Portal and book your trial today. 

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