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Never before has there been such an effort to keep the global economy moving using technology with people working in untried and tested ways on such a large scale. The phrase ‘Work From Home, WFH’ is now on everyone’s lips.

For law firms and in-house legal departments, the most significant transformation could be adapting to an ecosystem that is more connected, even as its workforce becomes increasingly distributed.

Remote work could be piercing around as firms continue to cut overhead and sustain efficiency in an increasingly competitive market. Becoming a remote law firm starts when you have a clear plan, the right tools, a method for training and staying connected to the staff. You’ll want to invest in a trustworthy solution when you are working from home as an attorney.

Legal practitioners need a solution in place to work outside the office—securely, efficiently, and successfully.

Collaborate and maintain the level of efficiency & productivity

For all the benefits of WFH, it’s essential to set yourself up for success by implementing solutions to be efficient and safe. While working remotely, be sure to have a digital workplace that allows you to seamlessly and effectively co-work and stay connected, engaged with your colleagues throughout your workday.

End-to-end collaboration and workflow management solutions 

It’s challenging enough to manage yourself and your team in quarantine without face-to-face interaction with the same structure of a usual workday. That’s in addition to the task of managing a team under these conditions, especially when you’ve never done it before.

At App4Legal, we took the situation very seriously to help Legal Teams to collaborate from home and implement quick solutions that enhance collaboration & maintain work efficiency:

1- Matter, Case, Contract Management Modules

Keep your Matters, Cases & Contracts under control with a centralized practice management solution that streamlines processes, collaboration and visibility into your team. Track, Organize and collaborate on all data related to your Matters, Cases & Contracts. Legal practitioners can search and find particular information whenever they want. App4Legal makes it easy for more than one lawyer to collaborate on one file and simply share different information and documents from anywhere.

2- Task Management solution

Simplify the way, you are assigning Tasks, following-up on them and controlling reminders and due dates. Focus on what really matter and manage your tasks efficiently while working from home. App4Legal provides a flexible and powerful platform to optimize your team’s Tasks workflow. Categorize, Prioritize and assign your Tasks in an agile way in order to do more with less.

3- Communication & Videoconferencing solutions

App4Legal Mobile App is the ultimate extension to App4Legal modules. It gives you mobility features to handle your matters, cases, legal data on the fly, anytime, anywhere.

Get Zoom and connect it to your App4Legal, coupled with a Chatting Solution, including Video Conferencing, Screen-sharing and team chat channels. Bring your team members and stakeholders to the same room for active discussions.

4- Customer Portal 

Stay connected to your Clients. Give them the ultimate Portal to follow-up on their Matters from a self-service portal, called “Customer Portal” in App4Legal. Law firms and in-house legal teams can rely on an effective communication Channel with their Customers and Requesters. 

5- Integration with your Emails: Outlook or Gmail

Avoid the hassle of switching between App4Legal and your inbox. Outlook Connect or Google Connect are the perfect add-ons to let you track your emails and attachments inside your Matters, Cases or Contracts. Archive important data on the fly for future use and keep your record organized in a friendly way.

About App4Legal

App4Legal is a leader company in the Legal-Tech industry providing solutions for Legal Practitioners in Law-Firms and In-house Legal Departments. It is an award winning and trusted by thousands of lawyers worldwide.

App4Legal is available on-cloud and on-server. it’s a multi-languages solution that comes with modules tailored for all sizes (law-firms and in-house legal departments). It is secure and GDPR compliant.

(COVID-19) Currently, App4Legal is helping the law community and lawyers to accelerate their digital transformation and “collaboration culture” by tailoring out-of-the-box packages with quick-wins that can be implemented in 1 to 3 days including training and support. 

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